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Wonderlands Emporium

Tillandsia ionantha and Natural Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster

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A truly ethereal like combination. A vibrant, living air plant (Tillandsia ionantha) paired with a radiant, clear quartz crystal cluster. 

How to Care for Your Air Plant and Crystals

Your air plant will thrive if placed in an indirectly bright and fairly humid location. To care for your unique air plant and crystal combination, we recommend submerging for 15-60 minutes in a basin of dechlorinated water weekly (or every 2-3 weeks in winter months).  Shake off excess water well and allow to drain.  As air plants normally gain nutrients from their host plants in a rich jungle environment, adding a liquid bromeliad fertilizer to the soaking water, or to a mister, monthly is also recommended. Periodic misting, or the use of a diffuser can help to increase localized humidity, in areas where air quality is naturally drier or if your air plant has consistently dry tips.  It is also important to water your air plant and allow it to dry during the day, as these plants are only designed to absorb water and nutrients in the daylight. Additionally, sitting in water or having wet roots over night could lead to root rot or fungal diseases.

Keep in mind that each plant and home environment is unique and your plant may need more or less water or nutrients than the next one. Being mindful of the signs your plant is giving you (i.e. dry tips, leaves curling in, brown spots, etc.) and taking the appropriate action (i.e. increasing humidity, giving more or less water, giving more nutrients, etc.) will help your plant live a long and healthy life.