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Wonderlands Emporium

Pothos Neon 4"

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Don’t overlook the humble Neon Pothos! She’s a real beauty and if given lots of love and time, you’ll be able to grow her up a wall. She’s a fast climber this one!

Epipremnum or Neon Pothis come from the humid forests of Solomon Islands, so they thrive in a warm and well lit position with good indirect light, within a few metres of a window is best. The non-variegated varieties will tolerate lower light conditions, but ensure they still recieve a minimum of 4-6 hours of indirect light.

If your variegated epipremnum seems to be losing its markings, ie. reverting to all green – this is an indicator that it needs a brighter position. If your plant seems to be stretching, with longer stem sections between each leaf – this is another indicator that it does not have access to enough light.